By Daniel Many

A waste of sin

Small, small money steal not,

If you must steal then steal huge amount,

So that when you are taken before the court,

You can bail yourself out.

Petty, Petty lies do not tell,

If you must lie then tell gigantic lies,

So that when you find yourself in hell,

It will not come as a surprise.

Underage girls leave alone,

If you must rape then go for mature asses,

Why leave huge chunks of meat and go for a dry bone?

Give the devil a good reason to give you lashes.

A few people do not kill,

It is pointless to give the devil a flirter,

If you must kill, then a Million people is a better deal,

Justify why you will be charged for murder.

 What a waste of sin will it be,

To burn eternally in hell fire,

For committing half-baked sins?



Daniel Many is a Kenyan poet from the Nyanza Region in Kenya, his poems were published in the first issue Of The Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine.

Read his other poems and short stories about love and money by following this link https://nalubaalereview.wordpress.com/…/here-is-the-first-…/


You can also submit for our next issue by sending your submission to nalubaalereview@gmail.com.




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