Call for Submissions: A Special Issue on the Covid-19 Situation.



The corona virus that causes the Covid-19 disease has taken the world by storm. Many countries are on their knees. Almost all the world is on lock-down as a way to prevent the virus from spreading further. We dedicate an issue to this cause. We are calling for writings on experiences in this pandemic situation; about the lock-down, stories from patients, survivors, from those who have lost loved ones, health workers, stigma and awareness stories on this deadly disease and many others. How is the covid-19 affecting you as a person, family, company, group, community, country? We look out, too, for stories about the lock-down situation and experiences.

Submit your poem, short story detailing any of the above. Submissions are open to everyone everywhere. Send to

Whereas the pandemic ha left devastating effects on the world, we do encourage stories of hope, of positivity, of healing and of awareness.

Take it this way, the hope of the world is in your hands, your pen.

Deadline for submission is 30th April 2020.

Send submissions to


UAE Lockdown

(A deserted street in UAE)


India, above.

Kampala main taxi park in

An empty taxi park in Kampala, Uganda.




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