For this Nice Kentucky Guy Who Rings up My Plants at an “Essential” Store on a Bright Sunday.

By Kenneth Pobo.

He’s polite and friendly, I’d like

to shake hands, but we don’t

do that now.


Mask to mask, we speak,

our words caught in fabric.

When people break


apart, we say “Stay safe”

As if safety is a castle

we can lock ourselves in.

We hear rumbling beyond

the drawbridge.  Something

keeps trying to break in.


Still, an exchange of kind wishes

means much.  Especially

among strangers who can tell

each other what it was like

when the sun came up

and darkness had

to slip away.




Pobo_pic NR

Kenneth Pobo, a writer and professor in Pennysvania USA. He has been published by various literary outfits across the world and is a professor at the University of Widener in Pennysvania. He has been writing for over fifty years now and his writing is inspired by music and he likes writing poetry. Kenneth’s published works include “Wingbuds”, “Dindi Expecting Snow (2019) and “The Antlantis Hit Parade (2019), all available on Amazon.

He has a new book forthcoming from Assure Press called “Uneven Steven”.


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