Stopped in our Tracks.

By Pheobe Nortey.

I was in school
I had a paper soon. Not cool
The first case dropped in the land
My parents panicked but I didn’t understand
“What do you mean I should come home? I’ve got a paper to write”
Later I realized I didn’t have to put up much of a fight
The paper was canceled and we were all sent home
For some reason, that day, the clouds looked like foam
Impromptu vacation, everything was fine or so I thought
Every day brought with it new cases to light
Nations of the world, were brought to their knees
Covid 19, listened not to their pleas
I was coping, at first
Then, like a balloon, I burst
I know I’m no Frontline worker
But the lockdown seemed too much for me
All days blurred into one, for thee
I became weary of waking up to the same routine
The soldiers and doctors are heroes
I hoped they got their reward.

So many are the e-learning assignments,
I don’t have time to get bored
I cast aside mourning and worrying
I’d take another chance at coping
I decided to better myself
Learn a few more skills, certificates on my shelf
Condolences, love to family members made fatherless, motherless
Prayers for to all those struggling in hospitals,
Hoping to one day beat the deadly lion.
May you survive this, I say, live well.

I will sit at home. Learning, designing, hoping,
Waiting for when everything will be fine,

Poet Bio:

Nortey is a Ghanaian high school student. She loves books and all forms of Literature.

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