Nalubaale Review Issue 3 is Here.

Behold the second Issue of Nalubaale Review Magazine is here. The theme for this issue is COVID-19. Click the links below to download and read the stories detailing experiences of different people from across the globe.

We feature over 50 poems and short stories. We aimed to have every country in the world represented since COVID 19 affected every corner of the planet earth; from the cold Antarctica to the hot Sahara to everywhere. Follow the links below to download and read these poems.

That said, we are still receiving articles, submissions in form of poems and short stories until we have published a piece from every country in the world.

Also, we have gifts like T-shirts and more to give away, just read and be among the first five readers to answer the fun questions and win the amazing gifts!


Nalubaalre Review Issue 3

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