Six Feet Away.

By Peter Vasic.

No matter what your dwelling may be

Knowing the challenge that we face

Now is not the time and place

To roam close to one another.


Staying six feet away from each other

Sticking close to home

Staying with the family

The choice is ours to make


Now, supplies run low!

A trip to the grocery is unavoidable.

To choose an aisle very carefully is –

A new skill learned.


Within seconds,

A rather large congregation takes form

The six feet apart diminish out of sight

The six feet below are but waiting in line,


Contrary to the general populace,

The privileged ones, somewhat ignorant

Go against the new norm

They have no concept, of what six feet is


With them I can no longer remain,

With life I choose to retain.

Makes you wonder

What Covid thinks of us!


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