Prisoners Of Hope.

By Modest Dhlakama.


We had the freedom and privilege,

To go anywhere and at anytime.

Now we need a pass for the essentials.

Streets are no longer congested or polluted ,there’s

More traffic in kitchens and lavatories.

Beds complaining of overuse,

Even the rats have  no playground anymore

The Author of Life ,has done it!

We are all convicted and sentenced

To lock-down.

But we hope on…

Here we are the prisoners of hope

Trading with faith for His mercies ,for ,

Somewhere, outside  the gates Corona is waiting.


Poet Bio: 

Modest Dhlakama is a Zimbabwean writer and nutritionist. She is  a freelance writer who enjoys writing poetry, songs and short  stories. Some of her poems are published in Poetry Potion 10, The Mc Gregor Anthology 2016 and others.